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Welcome to the Insurance Highway website where we specialize in health coverage, including Medicare Supplement, Small Group and Affordable Care Act (and alternative) plans.

A key feature of my business is being an independent agent.  That means I’m not beholden to a particular company, my goal is to find the best plan that addresses your coverage needs and budget.  Whether it’s ACA, Small Group or Medicare coverage, I have a wide variety of options to choose from.

2019 ACA open enrollment has ended. There are options if you haven’t enrolled. In the individual market there are short term plans and Health Care Sharing Ministry (HCSM plans). Due to new regulations from the Colorado Dept of Insurance, it appears short term plans will no longer be available starting April 1st. If they are available, the cost will be significantly higher.

If you have a small company with at least one W-2 employee that works 30h/wk or more, you should look into Small Group coverage, which can start the 1st of any month.  I encourage those of you who qualify to investigate Small Group coverage. You will find a wider variety of plans and a better value.

Medicare supplements fill the gaps in original Medicare. Typically if you enroll in original Medicare you also enroll in a supplement plan without being required to answer any medical questions. If your health is good, you should re-shop Medicare supplement options every few years.

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