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A few words about the various plans….

Delta Dental: Best dental network in the individual market. Richer plans provide wisdom teeth removal and implants. Preventive and basic services covered day 1 in most plans. Major services covered after 1 year wait. Their Clear Plan has no waiting periods.

Manhattan Life: Covers Dental, Vision and Hearing. Covers all dentists. Preventive and basic services have immediate coverage at 60% year 1, 70% year 2 and 80% year 3 and beyond. Major services have a year wait, then 70% year 2 and 80% year 3. Wisdom teeth removal and implants are not covered. Plan pays on Usual and Customary (U&C) charges. If your dentist charges more than U&C, the amount above is your responsibility and the U&C amount will be adjudicated by plan terms. Benefits can be split between dental, vision and hearing as you see fit.

Ameritas: Reasonable network. Provides coverage for preventive, basic and major services day 1 at 100%, 50% and 15% respectively. After year 1, coverage is 100%, 80% and 50%. Wisdom teeth removal and implants are covered as well as a limited benefit for child orthodontia. Play pays some benefits out of network, but not it’s strong point.