Accident Expense Plus

Supplemental Accident plans provide extra coverage upon occurance of an injury due to an accident. Keep in mind that an accident encompasses much more than an auto accident. Examples of accidents would include most sports related injuries, slipping on ice, falling down stairs, falling while hiking and breaking a wrist, accidents with power tools. You get the picture.

One of our favorite plans is Accident Expense Plus from American General. It offers up to $15,000 in annual coverage for treatment of injuries related to an accident. It pays directly to the policyholder and covers the cost of treatment, even portions that are covered by your major medical plan. An introductory brochure is shown below and additional links and pricing examples are at the bottom of this post for those who want additional information.

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Below are links to additional brochures which describe the coverage in greater detail:

Pricing examples in Colorado for a $15,000/person benefit and a $250 deductible:

  • 25 year old female: $26.83/mo
  • 30 year old male: $31.16/mo
  • 45 year old couple with 2 children: $46.94/mo

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