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We’re proud to offer Travel Insurance from Seven Corners, established in 1993.  Here’s a very short introduction..

Seven Corners is one of the industry’s most experienced travel health insurance providers. The company serves leisure, student, business, government and missionary/volunteer travelers. It offers an extensive selection of international medical and travel insurance policies to U.S. citizens traveling overseas or foreign nationals visiting the United States. Seven Corners has thousands of policy holders and a worldwide network of 30,000 agents. The company created and maintains the industry’s most comprehensive network of international health care providers that includes thousands of doctors, pharmacies and hospitals around the globe.

You can learn more about Seven Corners at their website and their blog makes for interesting reading as well.  Use the icon below for quotes and to apply for travel insurance.

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Here’s a brochure for the International Liason plan from Seven Corners.  This is only one of Seven Corners large portfolio of plans.