There are a number of dental vision plans available.  Some of the major medical carriers such as United HealthOne, Assurant, Humana and Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield all have dental plans available.  There are also plans available from carriers specializing in dental.

Vision coverage is available from United Healthcare and VSP.

A few notes on dental coverage:

  • All plans restrict benefits for basic (standard fillings, etc) and major services (oral surgery).  Typically this restriction comes in the form of a waiting period before these benefits are covered.   Typical waiting periods are 6 months for basic services and 12 months for major services.
  • Preventive services and teeth cleaning are covered with no waiting period
  • Orthodontia coverage is  rare and when found is very limited
  • There are yearly maximums ranging from $1000/person to $2000/person

In general, if you want dental coverage, you should purchase it before you need it.

Another options is a dental discount plan.  These plans are not insurance as the provider of the plan does not pay out any benefits.  What you are doing is purchasing access to a dental network with negotiated rates.  The advantage of a discount card is there is no waiting periods involved so you have immediate access to the negotiated rates.  I have a Dental discount card from Cal Star that provides access to the Aetna dental network.  Here are some features:

Discount Dental and Vision savings and more!

Save 15% – 50% through the Aetna Dental Network.
Save 20% – 60%  through the Coast to Coast Vision Network
Save 10% – 60% on Prescription Drugs
Save 15% – 60% through the Beltone Hearing Network
Save up to 60% off on Diabetic Testing Supplies
Savings on Vitamins
Access to a Medical Loan Program

Download CalStar discount dental brochure.