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I will post links to information on various plan options, especially for non compliant ACA options here as I add them to the site. Any plan that is not ACA compliant is not eligible for a tax credit.

Added 10/17/2017

  • United Health Indemnity Brochure
    • Subject to the ACA penalty unless you have a waiver
    • No deductible
    • Pays specified amount based on occurrence. What they pay is not affected by what is charged or covered by other insurance
    • Rx coverage is not a strength of this plan
    • There IS medical underwriting. Not everyone qualifies.
    • The plans are designed to fill in the gaps of your ACA plans.
    • No doubt, some will consider the fuller feature plans as stand alone plans.
    • This is a limited benefit plan. Technically it is considered an indemnity plan.

I will post information on the Altrua Healthcare Sharing Ministries Plans shortly. Update 10/26 – I am attending an Altrua update webinar tomorrow. Hope to have information to pass along.

Short Term coverage

  • National General Brochure
    • Subject to ACA penalty
    • Deductibles from $1000 to $25,000
    • Max coverage period is currently 90 days
    • Rx coverage only available if insured is in-patient
    • There is medical underwriting. Not everyone qualifies.
    • Does not cover pre-existing conditions
    • Does not provide preventive care (some exclusions)
    • Please read exclusions portion of brochure
    • Plan is non-renewable
      • You CAN get  a 2nd plan, but you must apply for a new policy. It is NOT a continuation of you current plan. Issuance is NOT guaranteed. Anything you were covered for in the 1st plan will be considered a pre-existing condition for the 2nd plan.

The right mindset for short term plans is that you are looking for a plan to cover anything NEW condition that would occur in the period of time that you own the plan (currently not more than 89 days).

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