Over 300 Frequently Asked Questions on ACA

Health Reform FAQs | The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Examples of more interesting questions:

  • I live in one state, but drive across the border every day to work in a different state. What marketplace should I use to buy coverage?
  • Can I buy a plan in the Marketplace if I don’t have a green card?
  • How does the “marriage” special enrollment period work?
  • I have  COBRA and am finding it difficult to afford, but Open Enrollment is over. Can I drop my COBRA and apply for non-group coverage outside of Open Enrollment?
  • Can I be charged more if I have a pre-existing condition?  (NO)
  • What’s the penalty if I don’t ahve coverage?
  • I had health insurance last year through a Marketplace plan but paid the full premium myself during the year. Now that Iv’e done my taxes, I know my income for the year was less than 400% of the federal poverty level, so I may be eligible for a tax credit. Can I still get it?

And many more!


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