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  • Advertising: “Find a cheap (major medical) plan”

    I see ads online quite frequently for “cheap” health insurance. Keep in mind that major medical plans have unlimited liability. Also, in Colorado they must cover maternity. There are no “cheap” plans. Less expensive plans are available to: Younger (and healthy) applicants In states with less mandates Also remember you are buying protection. From any […]

  • Do you know what your major medical deductible is?

    I speak with people almost every day that are looking to either replace their group coverage or an individual plan they already have. One constant is how few prospective clients are familiar with the basic details of their current plan. This would include such details as: Plan deductible (per person and/or per family) Coinsurance Maximium out […]

  • Group health insurance participation rates dropping

    More workers opting out of company health plans A key point… It appears that it’s the cost, not the availability, of health insurance that is the primary thing keeping workers from getting insured. Ninety percent of uninsured workers said they didn’t have insurance because it was too costly. Yet, at least in Colorado, the State […]

  • Government recommends against prostate screening

    Task force: PSA tests do more harm than good The United States Preventive Services Task Force issued their final recommendation on the PSA prostate cancer-screening test Monday, recommending against routine PSA exams for men of any age. The task force says the PSA exam and additional treatments that may follow, like radiation and surgery, result […]

  • Is major medical health insurance guarantee issue?

    With the initial implentation of health care reform, individual major medical insurance from private carriers is not guaranteed issue for adults. For children under the age of 19, it is guarantee issue if they apply with a parent or guardian who qualifies for coverage. Some states have worked with insurance companies to offer child only […]

  • Obesity and the cost of healthcare

    Cornell University recently came out with a study detailing how obesity effects the cost of healthcare. Obesity accounts for 21 percent of U.S. health care costs “Historically we’ve been underestimating the benefit of preventing and reducing obesity,” said lead author John Cawley, professor of policy analysis and management in the College of Human Ecology and […]

  • What is COBRA heatlh insurance?

    Very simply, COBRA is the continuation of the exact health insurance coverage you had at your employer. The cost of COBRA can be no more than 2% higher than what it costs your employer. So why is COBRA coverage so expensive? Very simply, because that’s what it costs. What you are paying is your portion of […]

  • 9.3M Adults Lost Health Coverage In Recession

    “The Great Recession of 2007-09 is the longest and deepest macroeconomic downturn in the United States since 1933,” they write. “This paper documents the impact of higher unemployment rates on one important outcome: health insurance coverage.” The study finds that roughly nine times as many Americans lost health insurance coverage in the recession of 2007-09 […]