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  • More than half of all premature deaths among MEN are preventable.

    MEN, go to the doctor. Don’t ignore this factoid: The statistics are staggering: seven million American men have not attended a physician’s appointment in more than 10 years. Two-thirds of men would not seek a health care professional if they were experiencing chest pain or shortness of breath, two early warning signs of a heart […]

  • Transparency in Healthcare Pricing

    Is transparent healthcare pricing a fantasy. Jeanne Pinder is working on it. Jeanne mentions… When we first started calling for prices, we actually felt like we were going to be arrested. And that is a problem. It also means she’s on the right track.

  • Vitamin C breakthrough: The key to controlling Type 2 diabetes and blood pressure could be in your cupboard

    Seems like a good cost/benefit tradeoff – Vitamin C breakthrough: The key to controlling Type 2 diabetes and blood pressure could be in your cupboard Deakin University researchers have found 500 milligrams of vitamin C daily can lower elevated blood sugar levels in people with the condition. In a landmark trial that’s been a decade in […]

  • Future Parkinson’s Pandemic?

    From Science Alert: Scientists Are Warning of a Future Parkinson’s Pandemic, And We Can No Longer Ignore It The growing problem isn’t limited to Parkinson’s disease. Dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, is also expected to skyrocket with our ageing population, as more of us survive long enough to see our aged bodies burdened with conditions few […]

  • ‘White Coat Syndrome?’

    Be careful out there. ‘White coat hypertension’ may be sign of a real problem, study finds But the risk of death was nearly twice as high for patients with white coat hypertension, compared to patients whose blood pressure is normal when taken at the doctor’s office and at home, the report published in the New […]

  • Check it twice…

    News you and your doctor can use – Here’s why you need to start asking your doctor to check your blood pressure twice – ABC News The truest blood pressure reading is taken after sitting quietly for at least five minutes, and that rarely happens in a doctor’s office. Usually, a blood pressure reading is […]

  • Study: Blood pressure control may hold off dementia

    Source: Study: Blood pressure control may hold off dementia – The study authors concluded that blood pressure reduction — not the medications themselves — is what lowers dementia risk. “Controlling blood pressure is important for lowering risk of heart attack, stroke and kidney disease,” Murray said. “We can now add prevention of dementia to […]

  • New Shingles Vaccination

    Source: CDC Urges Everyone 50 and Older to Get New Vaccine It might be time to get vaccinated against shingles if you’re 50 or older. Folks in this age group — even people who are healthy — should get a new shingles vaccine sold under the name Shingrix, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC’s […]

  • Primary care physician shortage

    Personal physician shortage looms, experts say The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA) “promises to provide insurance coverage to more Americans, but I know there will still be 30 million people who will remain uninsured even after the Affordable Care Act is fully implemented,” Fegan said. “So I know the need for […]

  • Five myths about this year’s flu

    Five myths about this year’s flu   This season, the flu is deadlier than ever. Drug companies deserve blame for vaccine shortages. The vaccine won’t keep you from getting the flu — and it’s unsafe, anyway. People should stay away from enclosed spaces during flu season. The government is doing all it can to fight […]