Expect Significant 2019 Obamacare Premium Hikes

Yikes, more bad news for the individual insurance marketplace – Top insurance official warns of coming ObamaCare premium hikes | TheHill

Insurers have warned that premiums could increase by nearly 30 percent for ObamaCare plans, although many people receive subsidies that shield them from those increases. The hardest-hit are people who make too much income to qualify for subsidies

Suggestions for 2019 if you don’t qualify for a tax credit:

  • Get a job with benefits
  • If you own a small company, start offering benefits
  • A Health Care Sharing Ministry plan may be an options for 2019
  • United Health has an interesting non-ACA compliant indemnity plan
  • Short term plans may be an option depending on how long they can provide coverage. Currently coverage is limited to 90 days but that restriction will be increased significantly prior to next year.

It’s crazy out there.

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