Turning 65: New Medicare Cards & New Challenges

It starts this month! New, safer Medicare cards will begin being mailed to the 58 Medicare million beneficiaries. The Medicare number will no longer be your social security number with

Turning 65: New Medicare Cards & New Challenges | Southern Idaho Local News | magicvalley.com

Challenge: As patients, it is important to be vigilant. Watch the Medicare statement /EOB you receive and keep them organized for later reference. As with any major change, there is an opportunity for confusion – from the patient, the healthcare provider and Medicare. The change is being made to protect from fraud- for all involved. Never give this new number to anyone but the healthcare provider. Don’t put the number in emails or any type of digital file. It could be easily intercepted.

Protect your Medicare card as you would your Social Security card. As you receive your new card, make sure that your EOB still credits that you have met your deductible.

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