What will be the Coverage Periods for Short Term Plans?

They’re talking about Short Term major medical plans – Should Health Plans Comply With Obamacare? States Are Deciding | Bloomberg Law

Starting in April (or so) of 2017 the duration of Short Term plans was limited to 3 months by the Federal Government. Prior to that time, in many states they could last 11 months and this varied state by state. The Trump administration has proposed that short term plans be allowed to last as long as a year. It is believed that states will have the authority to limit enrollment to shorter periods of time.

Prior to regulation, Colorado limited plans to 6 months and you couldn’t have more than 2 consecutive plans. I expect Colorado will go back to 6 months but wouldn’t be at all surprised if they limited plans to 3 months in length. This should play out over the next few months.

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