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  • Why I can no longer assist with Medicaid/Peak applications

    Dear Clients, I apologize in advance but I can no longer assist with Medicaid/Peak applications. There are a number of reasons that I will detail below. #1. I am not paid by either Medicaid or Connect for Health Colorado to work on Medicaid applications. This has been a service that is basically gratis in order […]

  • Are urgent care visits covered by an office visit Copay?

    I’ll address this for individual plans. For group plans the answer will change from group to group. In general Urgent Care visits are NOT covered by an office visit copay. What happens in most cases is the bill is sent to your insurance company. Assuming the urgent care center is in-network, here is what will […]

  • Affordable care act Prescription mandates are weak

    When the Obama administration set initial rules last December to determine what minimum benefits insurers must offer in plans sold to individuals and small groups starting in 2014, one provision stood out: Insurers selling small group and individual policies would have to provide at least one drug per class of drug. In other words, insurers […]

  • What is a major medical deductible?

    It seems that of all the terms associated with heatlh coverage, the deductible should be the easiest to understand. Basically that’s the case but there are some topics worth discussing so you’re not surprised when the time comes that you’re faced with major significant medical expenses. What IS a deductible? The dedutible is the amount […]