Why I can no longer assist with Medicaid/Peak applications

Dear Clients,

I apologize in advance but I can no longer assist with Medicaid/Peak applications. There are a number of reasons that I will detail below.

#1. I am not paid by either Medicaid or Connect for Health Colorado to work on Medicaid applications. This has been a service that is basically gratis in order to gain clients and improve client satisfaction. For this effort I hopefully get a client and receive commission from the health insurance company. This is not a sustainable situation.

#2. Too often when working on PEAK/Medicaid applications, I am called on to answer tax or legal questions. I am not qualified to answer these types of questions, even when I believe I know the answer. Furthermore, my Errors and Omissions insurance would not cover me if a dispute was to arise regarding Medicaid or a tax credit determination. In other words, I am exposing myself to significant liability and doing so for no compensation. Not to mention the PEAK/tax credit determination is an error prone process and trying to fix these errors is a very time consuming process.

#3. The insurance companies have steadily lowered commissions to agents. I understand this is not directly your problem and am not asking for your sympathy. For 2018 it has reached to point where, putting legal exposure aside, it is simply impossible for me to justify working on Medicaid/PEAK applications from a financial perspective. For assistance with tax credit and Medicaid/Health First Colorado issues going forward, your points of contact are Connect for Heath Colorado, the Colorado PEAK website or your local Dept of Health and Human Services. These organizations pay their employees to help you and they are trained in this area.

In closing, my area of expertise and my licensing & certification have to do with health and life insurance. My area of expertise is in finding the plan that offers you the best value. I am qualified to do that and would appreciate the opportunity to continue our broker/client relationship as you search for a plan in 2018.

Best Regards,

Christopher (Chris) Adams
Boulder, CO
303.495.3045 – office
303.859.1709 – cell
CO Health & Life license #321982

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