Medicare Open Enrollment coming up

Medicare open enrollment is Oct 15th through December 7th. If you’re on Medicare what does that mean to you?

Medicare open enrollment is when you can renew or change your current Part D drug plan or Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan.

Hey, what if you’re on a Medicare Supplement? Can you change that during open enrollment? Well the answer is YES, but what you should really know is you can change your Medicare Supplement plan ANYTIME you want. This assume you can navigate the medical questions on the application.

What medical questions you ask? Well you’re most likely right that if you signed up when you turned 65 or when you left your employer’s medical plan after age 65 you it’s quite possible to have applied without having to answer medical questions. That was a ONE time event. To change plans now, you need to undergo medical underwriting. That said, if you health is good, or in most causes, just slightly better than mediocre, you can most likely change plans and save premium dollars.


Food for thought!

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