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  • Medicare Premiums Snafu Affects 250,000 Social Security Recipients

    If you pay your Part D drug plan premiums directly, this issue does not affect you – Medicare Premiums Snafu Affects 250,000 Social Security Recipients But now, about 250,000 seniors who opted to have their Medicare premiums taken out of their Social Security checks are getting bills for as much as five months of unpaid premiums. Because […]

  • How does Medicare cover Dental?

    And the answer is…. not particularly well. It is not uncommon for Medicare Advantage plans to offer some level of dental coverage. We will drill down further on dental options and how complete Medicare Advantage dental coverage is in subsequent posts.

  • Medicare Q & A | PBS NewsHour

    This article addresses many of the common Medicare enrollment questions: Why later enrollment in supplemental Medicare can cause problems | PBS NewsHour I particularly like this advice regarding Medicare supplement plan selection… The best plan for you depends on how much you have to spend and how comprehensive you want your Medigap plan to be. […]

  •  Medicare Advantage do-over period lasts until March 31 

    From the Colorado Division of Insurance: Consumer Advisory: Medicare Advantage do-over period lasts until March 31 | Department of Regulatory Agencies Allowed Changes: If you’re in a Medicare Advantage Plan, you can switch to another Medicare Advantage Plan. You can disenroll from your Medicare Advantage Plan and return to Original Medicare. If you choose to […]

  • What does Medicare cover?

    There’s an app for that : Medicare’s What’s Covered App Review – iMedicalApps The primary focus for the app is on the common “what’s covered” preventive services questions. For example, the app will give patients rapid answers to whether or not a mammogram is covered and how frequently they can get them. The app contains […]

  • Medicare Clients: Beware Genetic Testing Scan

    Here is a warning from United Healthcare.

  • As Democrats Talk Single Payer, Private Medicare Advantage Soars

    Medicare Advantage popularity continues to increase –  As Democrats Talk Single Payer, Private Medicare Advantage Soars Health insurers are reporting unprecedented growth in the number of seniors flocking to private Medicare Advantage plans amid talk of a single payer government-run approach that could uproot such coverage. Medicare Advantage (MA) plans replace traditional Medicare (typically plus a […]

  • Is Plan Finder Tool Confusing?

    Hmmm: New Report Blasts ‘Confusing’ Medicare Search Tool The issues mentioned as problems are: Out-of-pocket cost information is difficult to understand Provider and pharmacy directories are hard to navigate Plan comparisons do not permit inclusion of Medigap policies, the private plans that consumers can buy to supplement Medicare The layout and display of the website […]

  • Medicare Clients – Beware of “Observation Status”

    NPR correspondent Alison Kodjak’s mom was admitted to the hospital for four nights after a fall. Because the hospital said she was an outpatient, Medicare wouldn’t pay for her rehabilitative care. Medicare isn’t perfect, be aware and ideally be prepared – How Medicare’s Conflicting Hospitalization Rules Cost Me Thousands Of Dollars This problem occurs when […]

  • Medicare Supplement Rate Increase? Time to Shop

    If you have had original Medicare plus a supplement for a few years, no doubt you’ve experienced rate increases on your supplemental policy. Typically these occur on an annual basis but if your Medicare supplement anniversary date doesn’t align with your birth month, you may encounter two price increases per year one age based and […]